Trim the Fat Tuesday – Update

Good morning!

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in but I’m back! So far, using the Fooducate app, I’ve been able to lose about 4 pounds just by tracking and being more aware of what I eat. We have also stopped eating out (okay, once because it was super cheap), and have greatly limited our intake of liquids that aren’t water.

Here are the struggles we’ve noticed over the past 2 weeks:

  • Giving up sugary drinks was VERY difficult.
  • Cooking homemade meals on a very small budget…difficult.
  • Snacking/counting calories…super difficult.

But here’s the thing. Not only have we been sleeping better, but I also feel like I have more energy in the mornings. My moods haven’t changed, so I still notice when my PMDD is kicking in and leaving, but it’s only been a couple of weeks.

We’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to stay in a budget when we’re not eating meals out or having them delivered in. Whenever we’re craving a certain take out like Chinese or Mexican, I remind myself of how much the delivery or eating-out will cost, as well as the amount of time it will take out of the day and guess what? It’s not only cheaper to make these meals, but it’s also a lot quicker – even if you don’t already have the ingredients in the house. A trip to the grocery store is a lot quicker when you have a short list of ingredients. And we save a LOT of calories and added fats because we’re making the foods ourselves.

We started a new family tradition just for fun as well. So, I LOVE pizza. Not kidding, I could eat pizza almost every day. We realize that getting pizza from a place not only takes at least an hour, but we also don’t know all of the ingredients that are going in to the baking. So we’ve decided that every Sunday on our way home from church, we head to the store and grab a couple of ingredients and then head home and spend about 20 minutes (including bake time) making some yummy, homemade pizzas. And to be honest, they’re just as good as anything we could have delivered – plus it’s fun to spend the time together.

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