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So yesterday I signed up for a new app after watching this amazing documentary on Amazon Prime called “Fed Up”. It was VERY eye-opening and I highly recommend you check it out. Being fat (even thin people can be fat on the inside) is an epidemic and we should all be trying a little harder to really watch the amount of processed food we consume.

Anyway – off of my soapbox. I wanted to devote my #TTFT to how things are going with my lifestyle change. I don’t really want to call this a diet or a weight loss plan, because it’s really about trying to eliminate a bunch of sugar from what I put into my body and focus on putting fresh foods and homemade meals in.

One of my major problems? I love pizza. And I’m not going to deprive myself of pizza just because it’s considered unhealthy. I personally think that if it’s made right (and not delivered), there’s plenty of potential for yummy pizza that’s not totally bad for you. Case in point – a medium pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut is 1,840 calories for the whole pie (don’t pretend like you haven’t sat and eaten an entire pizza before)…while a frozen pepperoni pizza from Tony’s – our favorite brand – is 1,320 calories. AND it costs half the money.

If you’re feeling very adventurous and want to make your own pizza at home, it’s probably even less calories, and now you can buy frozen cauliflower crusts at the grocery store – yay, fiber!

Anyway, the whole point of me trying to cut out sugar here is to really change my body’s mindset. Sugar is even more addictive than cocaine (they’ve done studies, check them out), and it’s something that we all consume on a daily basis in many forms. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re eating it! Check out your loaf of bread next time you start to make a sandwich. Look at the sugar in your peanut butter while you’re at it.

Not only am I cutting out as much sugar as possible, but I’m also trying to incorporate at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. Today’s exercise? Aerobic dancing. It’s super fun, you can make it your own, and it burns a ton of calories because you’re constantly on the move. Not sure how? YouTube has a TON of videos and I like to mix up my workout routine every day to make things interesting.

Check out the blog next Tuesday for my update on Fooducate tracking and (hopefully) weight loss.

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