Featured Friday – Which Grocery Store is the Best?

I was racking my brain all day deciding what to feature here today and finally decided to tell all of my readers about the various grocery stores around the Clarksville area. These are a few of the more popular places to shop, and I made my decisions based off of how busy these places are, as well as customer service and (possibly most important to many) produce selection. Things like store layout are mentioned as well. So, without further ado, the top 5 places to shop for groceries in Clarksville, TN.

#5 – The Dollar Tree, Rossview Road

Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily a grocery store. BUT you’ll notice that many Dollar Trees are now equipped with refrigerator/freezer sections and are continuously expanding their food areas. I love getting frozen fruit here because they stock a wide variety of flavors, and I don’t know if you’ve bought frozen fruit lately but it’s EXPENSIVE. So if I can get 6 bags of different fruits for $6, I’m gonna do that. It’s a no-brainer. The one thing I would caution here is to be sure to price check anything else you buy in the food section. Sometimes they get in brand name products and then you’re getting a good deal, but keep in mind when buying things like canned goods that other stores definitely carry cheaper options.

#4 – Walmart, Fort Campbell Blvd.

These days you can find a Walmart just about anywhere. It’s really one of our last resorts when it comes to shopping, and it has nothing to do with the customer service – the people that work here are some of the friendliest that I’ve met so far in Clarksville. Good peoples. The great thing about this Walmart is that their shelves are usually well-stocked and they have a fun sample machine in the produce section that Corey likes to play with every time we go for a fresh bag of apples. The downside to Walmart? It’s gotten expensive in some areas of the grocery side, especially in the produce area. I have found other places to be cheaper. The store layout does make pretty good sense, though, and they have a million self-checkout machines so there’s hardly ever a line.

#3 – Aldi’s, Fort Campbell Blvd.

So, I have a love/hate relationship with Aldi’s – much like Walmart – and the reason it’s #3 on this list is because of the amazing prices, the cheap health food that they always offer, and the employees are usually very nice. There’s usually check out lines and the store can be crowded most of the day (unless you’re going at like 7pm), but that’s a small trade-off for the bargains you get on produce, meat, and organics among other things. Did I mention things are cheap here? 44 cent carton of eggs. Seriously. 44 cents. Anyway, it depends on my mood, really, because some days I just don’t want to bag my own groceries and some days I hate it if anyone else but me does it.

#2 – Kroger’s, Dover Rd.

If you live in Clarksville, you know that there are 3 major Kroger’s locations. The reason I have chosen this one is strictly because I don’t enjoy large crowds and the layout at this store is the best of the 3 that I have been to. If you want a huge selection, go to the one on Lowe’s Drive and if you don’t mind crowds, lack of properly running AC, or rude people, head to the one over on Madison Street. Personally, I like to avoid the crowds and I really haven’t had any bad customer service at the one on Dover. Kroger also has amazing sales, great coupons in the app, and usually fresh produce (although the absolute best day to get it is Monday afternoon). Kroger’s would absolutely be my number one pick if I had never in my life experienced Publix.

#1 – Publix, Sango Square

Okay I LOVE this store. Seriously, I’ve been crowded maybe one time because it is so beautifully clean, well-lit, and it has a very open floor plan. Everything that’s in a cooler is enclosed, so you don’t necessarily freeze your butt off going through the dairy department. Even their vegetables have perfectly stocked refrigerated shelves that sit behind freshly cleaned doors. And the deli. Oh the deli is wonderful. And the bakery department? Wonderful ladies! I mean, you’re just walking around like you’re in a perfect little Stepford Wives novel, expecting for the dream to end when you head to check out but IT DOESN’T. It gets even better! The cashiers are always friendly, there’s never big lines, and there’s always a bagger as well – who will personally push your cart to your vehicle for you and load it up. That’s right. You don’t have to do a darn thing until you get home and unload the pile of food you just bought. The very only thing that I do not enjoy about Publix are the prices – and honestly, if you buy store brand, it’s still pretty comparable to Walmart and Kroger’s in most cases. So is it worth the couple extra dollars you might pay just to have an amazing experience? I think yes.

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