Adoption Costs (Estimated)

 We appreciate your prayerful consideration as we search for help with funding our adoption. In addition to fundraisers, we will also be applying for grants, as well as saving up our own money through our jobs. Corey is currently working at AT&T, and Valerie is actively searching for a well-paying job here in Clarksville. She is also working on her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy through Capella University (estimated finishing time is around August of 2020).

     We understand that when people see the large amount of money that we’re fundraising, they may be a little taken aback. Because of this, we have made up a little breakdown for you of where all of that money ends up going during the adoption process:

Estimated Adoption Fees: $15,000 (so far we’ve been able to put $4,000 towards the adoption education and start-up fees)

    Home Study: $600-1,800

     *This amount depends on how much of our home study can be transferred from CCWI to CCTN. 

     Travel Expenses: $2,000-5,000

     *This is an estimation. We will need to travel to the state that our child is born/lives in to close the adoption. The process takes 7-10 days to complete and will require us to be there for that duration. This means that we will need to have money set aside for driving/flying as well as for staying in a hotel (if it happens to be near family, we would love to stay with you if you would have us!). 

Attorney Fees: $2,000-5,000

     *This depends completely on the birth mother and the state that she lives in, which is why there is such a vast range of money here. Should there only be one attorney, the legal expenses will be much less than if multiple attorneys or an agency is used. 

If you have any questions at all about these fees, please let us know. Again, a lot of the unknowns have a bit of a range, but that’s why we’re preparing for the costs to be around $15,000 total. Please know that your donations mean the world to us, and we thank each and every one of you for considering supporting us in this way. More importantly, we ask that you continue to pray for us throughout this process, and follow our journey here on our blog. It has already had some ups and downs, and we thank you for being with us every step of the way.

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