Corey and Valerie have been married since 2012. They met through friends at a dinner up in St. Paul, MN in 2010. One of the first nights after they met, they stayed up talking about everything under the sun until 5am. Corey was pretty sure he would never see that girl again, and Valerie was pretty sure he was it for her – she stopped dating for a number of months. After asking him out on a date and getting turned down in May of 2011, Valerie finally gave up on trying to have a relationship with Corey. However, their friend Julie was not about to give up on things and talked Corey into going on a double date with Valerie, Julie, and her fiance, Jake.

Cuddling with Oliver

Their first date was in May 2011 and they were attached from that day forward. Their relationship was a long distance one, with Valerie living about 3 hours away from where Corey lived. Because he worked and she went to school, they didn’t talk much, but they always made sure to video chat at night and fall asleep together that way. Corey proposed in November 2011 and they were married the following spring.

Corey and Valerie in 2014

Corey and Valerie started married life out in St. Paul, MN, where Valerie was finishing her undergrad studies. In true first-year marriage fashion, they had a tiny apartment, no money, and a whole lot of love. After Valerie graduated, they moved over to Chippewa Falls, WI where they lived and worked for about 5 years. In 2019 they sold their first home and moved down to Clarsksville, TN where they now live with their two dogs, Oliver and Olivia.

Oliver and Olivia